Company Primus Contactus

In 2010, Primus Contactus takes over importation and distribution of top brands in it`s environment – such as Topcon Europe Medical – ophthalmic devices and equipment, Breitfeld&Schliekert (high-quality tools, small equipment and supplies for optics), Technocare (top quality and design ordination and surgery room chairs), as well as many others.

We have set high standards in distribution of ophthalmic equipment and devices – research for buyer, consultation, quality offer, reliable service, acceptable price – makes us the first choice among opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists.

It isn`t accidental expansion through recognized medical/ophthalmic brands because we have followed the needs and wishes of our customers. Therefore, in period 2013. – 2019. we distribute the distribution network to the well-known brands – Labomed (OP microscopes and biomicroscopes with video system), Volk (ophthalmic loupes), Heine ( portable ophthalmic devices and equipment), CIOM (quality test sets and test frames for ophthalmic ordination), CSO (recognized biomicroscopes with video system and other diagnostic devices), Rodenstock Instruments (ophthalmic units, high quality refractive and diagnostic devices), UFSK, Brumaba, Favero Health (OP tables, auxiliary chairs, OP furnishing), Katena / Rudolf / Titan Surgical / Albert Heiss / Rumex (instrumentation for ophthalmology – operation tools), Kowa (excellent diagnostic devices for glaucoma, diabetes and dry eye monitoring), Inami (OP microscopes and biomicroscopes), NET Technology (systems for recording, storage and archiving of video and digital photos), as well as the latest collaboration in laser technology with the recognized brand of innovative companies Lightmed USA and German laser manufacturer A.R.C.

Our vision is to provide top-quality and reliable products in the field of ophthalmic equipment and supplies, have a secure service center for all the present and future customers, as well as for all brands we offer.

That is why this first step, the first contact with the eye ( that Primus Contactus... ) must be the right and perfect choice.

Primus Contactus Medical